How to deal with a drug addict

Addiction is defined as a complex condition or a brain disease that is manifested by a compulsive substance use despite its harmful consequences. Drugs addicts are basically individuals who compulsively consume drugs despite knowing their harmful effects on health. These people start off by consuming small portions of the drug, and later on the move

How to stay motivated in life | 7 highly effective ways to regain motivation

How to stay motivated in life? This is that one billion dollar question which I get in my mail frequently.  Whether it be from students looking for answers to how to stay motivated in school or entrepreneurs looking for some effective motivational strategies for them and their teams. Everyone these days is in search of

What is Motivation? – Why it is important in Life?

Do you know what is motivation? Well, all humans have desires and wishes. Some achieve them while others might not. So, what makes the difference? Or what is the determining factor in accomplishing your goals? Yeah, you are right, it is motivation! From big life goals to the usual day to day tasks that require

How to improve yourself every day | 7 ways for self improvement

Do you want to know how to improve yourself? Do you want to become a better version of yourself? Are you someone who’s constantly in search of self-improvement ideas? If you are, you probably came to the right place. There’s a lot to be learned when it comes to ‘How to improve yourself every day’.

How to build healthy relationships | 7 Strong relationship tips

Humans are social beings. Man cannot live alone. You have to enter into relationships with your fellow beings. The essence of your life revolves around mutual dependence and trust. Your life revolves around the relationships you build and sustain. It is one of the most profound experiences of your life. Today we will discuss how

Life Hacks – 12 tried and tested ways to Ease up Daily Life

Creative ways to do daily tasks quickly and efficiently, using only simple household items, are called Life Hacks. You have to admit, sometimes, the simplest of household tasks are just frustrating. We have all been there. Sometimes you just wish for some routine job to be more comfortable than it is. Life hacks are just

Importance of determination for success in life – 5 Benefits of determination

Determination is vital for success in life. It is what keeps you going to achieve your desired goal even when hit by setbacks and failures. The importance of determination cannot be emphasized more accurately than this powerful maxim, ‘Determination is the wake-up call to the human will.’ – Tony Robbins Determination is a great motivating

Why self esteem is important in life – 5 ways to improve self-esteem

Self-esteem is the most important quality that plays a vital role in your success. It is,‘believing in yourself and the capabilities which you posses’. Quite often you might findyourself thinking, ‘Why self-esteem is important in life?’ or ‘what is the single mostcommon quality possessed by successful people?’  It is none other than ‘Self-esteem’that makes a

How to deal with failure | Powerful habits to overcome massive failure

Today we will be discussing how to deal with failure. Do you know how it feels when, despite trying so hard, you face failure? If yes, then keep trying because every failure is a stepping stone to success. There are certain inevitable things in life; Failure is one of them. We all commit mistakes. We

How to be creative | 9 ways to start being creative

Creativity is a skill we all want to be good at. After all, we all have an inner artist, longing to get out! People might consider creativity to be an inherent quality which only some blessed souls possess. You might think of it as a magic spell which only creative marketers, copywriters, artists, or designers